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Mens Tingari (SOLD)
(150 x 60cm) ref: WT9172

Mens Tingari
(120 x150cm) ref: 6406

Mens Tingari
(120 x 180cm) ref: 7725

  Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri

Warlimpirrnga was born in 1958, east of Kiwirkurra. He travels in the Western desert and Gibson desert regions. His language is Pintupi.

In 1987 Warlimpirrnga did his first paintings for Papunya Tula and by 1988 his first 11 paintings were exhibited at Gabriella Pizzie’s Gallery in Melbourne and the entire collection was purchased and donated to the National Gallery of Victoria.

The Nomads

"The Pintupi Nine" or the "Lost Tribe" walked out of the desert in 1984 and created immediate international headlines. Until then they had lived the life of traditional hunter-gatherer Nomads and this was the first contact they had made with European society.

The group was led by Waku Tjungarryai. He and Papalya had an older daughter called Topsy and Warllimpirrnga.

Papalya had 3 sisters known as the Nangalas.

Waku and Papalya had a child called Takaria. When Waku died, Namu married Joshua and they had 3 children- Tomas, Yalti and Yulkulti.


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